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About Discoverings

A Capable Independent Corporation

Discoverings Corp is a player run corporation in the Eve Online Universe created by CCP. We are currently independant. We enjoy the game from all perspectives. We play all facets of the game where they may be regarded as being positive on the impact on other players; rather than negative. We promote and encourage teamwork amongst corp-mates and treat each other as we’d expect ourselves to be treated. We are very friendly to older and newer players alike.  We play all areas of the game where they are positive or fun in nature.  We shy away from negative aspects of this game and actively discourage any such behaviour from any members.  We live, come and go and travel freely throughout our alliance and follow our various career paths and meta-games mutually and always with a primary focus on maximum Isk with maximum Fun.


Our home system is the entire Map of Eve Online; not a single system – but the entire map. We come and go as we please and engage in all facets of the game.

The Corp offers local BuyBack programs for Ore, Minerals, Ice and Salvage Loot.  We are usually only a few jumps away from the regional Market Hub.

Our primary activities are Ratting, Mining, PVE, PVP, Exploration with ad-hoc and member arranged activities in Wormholes, roaming, exploration and more.  We are independent and have no allegiances or coalition interests that restrict our gameplay

Skill Point Requirements

Whilst we’d prefer not to have any base skill-point requirements they are fundamentally an indicator of your ability not just to survive the environment in any part of the Map but your ability to thrive here in game.  Therefore we reasonably ask that you have the following base skill capabilities;

For Ratters and Combat Explorers – 16 Million Skill Points with the ability to fly a ship able to survive and master Ports, Havens and/or Sanctums. The same expectation is true for those wanting to enjoy PVP in the Corp or the Alliance.

For Industrialists and Miners – at least the ability to fly and tank a Mining Barge or Exhumer (Meta IV level modules is fine if you are not quite at Tech II levels)

How to join the Corp?

Joining Discoverings couldn’t be simpler!  Come and chat with us on our Teamspeak (the link to us is on the right of the page!). We are here to help you; answer your questions and guide you through the process of logistics, moving, settling in and physically joining the Corp.

Step One – come for a chat with us on Teamspeak
Step Two – will be described during the Chat, but is usually to submit an online application to join with your API details here at the website, then followed up by in game application to join the Corp.  Please don’t do anything until you have come and spoken to us; it saves you, and us, a LOT of time and effort.

The Leadership Team and mid-term plans

The leadership of Discoverings brings with it significant experience in Corporation Management in Eve. Orion was a senior Director of the second largest Corporation in any Alliance in the whole of Eve, growing the Corp at the time from 200 members to over 550 members in size in 0.0 Renter space.  Orions’ activity as a senior Director in one of the games most successful Corporations hands Discoverings Corp a significant advantage to our members with a track record of success to build upon.  Indeed, it took Discoverings only 3 weeks to mature from an Empire based PVE Corp to a NullSec Renter Corporation with over 60 members and its own piece of space to call home; finally moving into a super alliance at about 80 members in size.  By any reckoning that is fast and remarkable indeed!

The Corp is on a roadmap to continue growing and adding in value around core activities that are fun and luctrative for members.  The corp is managed transparently and all monies raised in the course of the Corp activities are published in the members areas of this site so Corp mates always know how the Corp as a whole is doing against our mid and longer term plans.

For fun…

Hover over the Home link and see which Corp colour theme and layout you prefer?

Still interested…?

Come by our Teamspeak with your teamspeak3 client for a real chat with real human beings. If you must then join us in our in game channel << Discoverings Recruitment >> and we’ll answer any reasonable questions you may have.  Our preference is you swing by Teamspeak as it is SOOOO much easier than typing a lot of text and it will, fundamentally, give you the best visibility into our Corp and how we all get on and enjoy the game together.  Oh, and why would you submit an in game application to join a Corp you have never spoken to in person?  So, swing by, come and chat to us on our Teamspeak and we’ll do our best to answer any questions that you may have.