General Intro

General Introduction

Discoverings plays the ‘whole game’ of Eve Online.  There are no ‘rules’ which prevent corp members from enjoying any particular career branch throughout the game.  That said, we promote positive and inclusive game-play which brings out the best in ourselves and we shy away from the dark-side of the game; avoiding ganking, awoxing, cheating or any other malicious form of the game.  Our members enjoy those parts of Eve that they find fun, relaxing and enjoyable.  At no time is any member of the Corp instructed or required to do anything other than enjoy his or her game.  We do things as individuals or in groups because we want to and because it’s what we feel like doing on that particular day.

General – Gameplay

There isn’t a single fundamental part of the game we focus on! We do it all. Player versus Player (PVP) and Player versus ‘Environment’ (PVE) based play.  Here we mine, we rat, we explore, we research, invent, build and play the markets.

For Discoverings members the Eve map is home; where ever that may be today for each of us depending only on what we want to do and where it may be best to achieve that aim.

Yes, for our miners we have our own Rorquals and Orcas which provides maximum yield and range boost for mining operations.  We also have several fleet leadership, command boost and fleet-boost members so these provide a good boost to shields, agility and targeting range for us all too.

General – PVP

The Corp would be considered by most external reviews as a ‘Carebear with Teeth’ organisation.  Having started out as a nullsec renter Corp we focused our efforts in the early days on ‘content limiting’ for neutrals; avoiding engagement and waiting quietly for our systems to clear.  When renting met its demise in March 2015 we joined an alliance proper in the Spacemonkey’s Alliance. Over time as the Corp experience grew in the alliance our teeth became sharper, through our combat activities within the Alliance we learned; we grew a significant set of ‘teeth’.  As of April 2016 our Isk efficiency is over 90% in combat (which means for every 100 Isk we lose in combat we kill 1000, and two Discoverings Pilots led the alliance leader board for PVP kills!  We gave up counting the value of ships and infrastructure killed once we reached the 1 Trillion Isk mark.  The rest is just gravy.

Most of our combat success comes from careful and considered engagement in the beginning in alliance based operations; which taught us the fits, techniques and approach to use that would likely generate a win.  We then moulded those practices as individuals and to a certain extent as a Corp.  We are far less likely to ‘content strip’ in our current Era.  If we have war, neutral or red activity anywhere in our home space you are sure to find a handful of Discoverings members in the middle of it sorting out the challenge and having a go; rather successfully these days!

The Corporation

Discoverings is a laid back and chilled Corp.  We do what we do, when we want to do it; for fun.  This is a game, and real-life always comes first.  We have a broadly 50;50 split between North American and European membership with a small scattering of members from Australia/New Zealand and the far East.  We hang out, chill, relax and chat away on our own Corp Teamspeak.

Our website is fueled by data that streams from the corporation API and from every members API.  This ensures 360 degree transparency on all activities.  Members always know who’s flying, where they are and what they are up to.  We even share libraries of all of our blueprints so all members can see all blueprints owned across the entire Corp.  The Corp website updates itself every 15 minutes with the latest data extracts with graphs and associated data in real-time.  The Corp also has a private kill board so you can review, comment on and enjoy the combat success or failures of your colleagues.

The Corp website also publishes the Corp wallet data in real time so all members can see all cash reserves and can see all payments made by the Corp for contracts, office-rental and so on.  We also have a fully transparent Ore, Ice, Minerals and Salvage Loot BuyBack program that is fueled directly by the current real-time Eve markets.  Corp members simply contract their loot or minerals to the Corp and the best game buy rate less the prevailing tax rate; and the Corp leadership team gathers it all together, remarkets it or uses it to produce fuel and so on.

The key message is everything is published in real time; is fair, open and genuinely expressed in ways that keep everyone in the loop.  There is nothing worse than ‘closed leadership’ teams in Eve.  Members have every right to know what is being done with the taxes they are raising!  That is how Discoverings does it; the leadership team are there to conduct the office roles necessary for the Corp to run efficiently; it is not there to treat the ‘Corporation’ as a personal asset pool.

The Corp has private Forums for handy communications when you cannot play the game.  We also have our own Mattermost server for those that just need to keep in touch when on the road.  By far though Teamspeak is the tool that brings us together; both in and out of the game proper.  Many of us hang out on it whilst enjoying our first morning coffee!  It is truly a tool that turns ‘pixels’ into people; from all walks of life; in all corners of the globe.

English is the preferred Corp language for all communications in all media.